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Watch New Zealand short films and talk to New Zealand filmmakers and environmental advocates. 

Come for all 4 films and talks, or choose specific ones that you are interested in.  This event is free.

11:00 AM - 12:10 PM

Watch Thirty Million, talk with filmmakers Adrien Taylor and Dr Daniel Price.  Adrien is a Christchurch-based former TV3 environment reporter and Daniel  is a climate scientist, who cycled from New Zealand to Paris in 2015 to raise awareness on climate change.

12:10 - 1:10 PM

Watch 3 short Happen films (An Invitation for Wildness, Living Simply in 20 Square Metres, and The Future of Food) talk with the filmmakers  and environmentalists Jordan and Antoinette. 

1:10 - 1:40 PM Lunch break at Cafe Royale
1:40 - 2:40 PM

Watch a new film, Crop Swap Taranaki: Toha atu, toha mai (I share with you - you share with me) and talk with one of the leaders of this movement,  Franziska von Hunerbei.

2:45 - 3:45 PM

Watch a fiction film, Changing the Tide, and talk to Christine Thomson (Wellington's NGO Keep a cool world) who has been using film to engage the community around climate change for 5 years. Hear a summary of the research on the psychology surrounding climate change. How do the human heart and mind respond when faced with the facts? Are our 'natural psychological defenses' in fact barriers to change? How can film be used to navigate such barriers?

4:00 - 5:00 PM A follow-on session, after a 15 min break, for those who could help apply these ideas. We want to create a strategy for how these films can be utilised to foster a 'CHANGE of tide'. It has been suggested that it could be part of a school or university curriculum.


Brief films synopsis:

Thirty Million (35 min)

Filmmakers: Adrien Taylor and Daniel Price.

UN-funded documentary on the effects sea-level rise and climate change will have on the people of Bangladesh. The country is widely considered the most vulnerable in the world to climate change.

An Invitation for Wildness (20 mins)

Filmmaker: Happen films

In the small town of Riverton at the bottom of New Zealand's South Island is Robert and Robyn Guyton's amazing 23-year-old food forest. The two-acre property has been transformed from a neglected piece of land into a thriving ecosystem. In this interview and garden tour, Robert and Robyn share their approach to forest gardening and the life philosophies that guide them. A beautiful film that has received an abundance of discussion and commentary.

Living Simply in 20 Square Metres (7 mins)

Tom, Sarah, and their daughter Neesa live in a tiny off-grid cabin on a property on the Coromandel Peninsula. Instead of paying rent, they share the work of looking after the land with the owners of the property, and both families share in the farm's abundant produce. Tom and Sarah share the story that led them to choose this lifestyle, which more and more people around the world are opting to take up in one form or another.

The Future of Food (6 mins)

This film, which is in production, will premiere at the Reel Earth festival. Wairarapa Eco Farm is supported by its CSA (community supported agriculture) members to grow beautiful organic vegetables that are sent out weekly locally and beyond – including to a drop point here in Palmerston North. Frank and Jose van Steensel explain how supermarkets are creating destructive farming practices, and how the CSA model enables growers to supply quality produce in a sustainable way.

Crop swap Taranaki: Toha atu, toha mai (6 min)

Filmmaker: Anand Rose, New Plymouth / Crop Swap Taranaki Community

Are you looking for easy ways of bringing your community together,  building up your local food system and saving the world while having a blast? This film captures the beauty of the grassroots movement Crop Swap Taranaki, what it means to it's people and how you can do it too

Changing the Tide (6 min)

Filmmaker: Jonathan Mines (Independent Film-maker & Film for Change)

A fiction,  ‘Back to the future’  film takes you to Wellington 40 years from now. It shows a family that tries hard to go back in time and changes their lives by changing their attitude to climate change.  You will see how one mother responds to her child’s challenging questions, and the common struggles people have with the Climate change issue. 

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Sunday 14 May 2017 at 11:00 AM
Square Edge, 47 The Square, Palmerston North
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