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Directed by
Dennis Rätzel
1h 23m
German (English subtitles)

Undune is an extraordinary documentary about Terra Preta, Toilets and Mars. It combines scientific facts, a bit of humor and fantastic animations. 

Terra Preta is a fertile, water storing black soil that can be created out of all types of organic waste including our feces. Yes, feces, they're inevitable, and when we flush them away, we are wasting our waste while contaminating valuable drinking water. 

In Undune, the knowledge about Terra Preta is discovered by Gregor: he wants to support the colonization of Mars and identifies the cycle of nutrients and water as the main challenge. Through conversations with Terra Preta pioneers and small experiments, he develops a system to make human feces and other organic material usable on a mars base. Gregors daydreams about an alien space explorer bring the perspective down to Earth, where Gregors dialog partners see the largest potential for Terra Preta. 

At the end, there remains just one question: Is there such a thing as useless shit?


The film will be presented by Duncan, who is a natural house builder, community transformation technician, artist, poet, teacher and general trouble maker. Duncan has built 4 natural waste systems for domestic houses and designed a few more. His writing and cartoons and illustrations appear regularly in Organic NZ magazine. He and partner Alice built their own house from local stones, power poles, clay and wood. He has three children -one remaining 12 year old child at home. He describes as his greatest contributions to the community as his family's bucket compost toilet and hand built solar hot water system. Duncan and family live on a five acre block of land in Foxton.

Duncan's paintings, compost toilet plans, cartoons and essays are here.

$5-$3, available on Eventfinda
Event times / locations
Saturday 6 May 2017 at 3:00 PM
Globe Theatre
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